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I confess…

I consider myself a good cook. Not great, not awful but pretty good. There are some dishes I am fantastic at, such as corn bread, jalapeno corn or chilaquiles. Others I am awful at, like rice or albondigas. Albondigas is a Mexican meatball soup. Lots of ingredients, steps and about a million variations. My absolute arch enemy would have to be rice. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t get it right. It gets mushy, too dry, not enough spice or too much spice. I can never judge it correctly. My momma on the other hand can probably make rice in her sleep. It will have the perfect amount of spice, tomoato, corn or peas it needs and it will be fluffy and you will not feel a hard grain at all. It will just melt in your mouth. My grama can make rice with one hand tied behind her back, blind folded , and like my momma, it will be absolutely heaveanly. Now why wasn’t I blessed with this trait?

A couple of days ago I told my husband I wanted to master rice. He, God bless his stomach, said to go for it and he would tell me his honest opinion. Night #1 was upon us and I measured out every ingredient. The rice, water, garlic salt and chicken boullian. I timed it and checked it frequently, all 23 minutes of cooking time. We sat down and I eagerly watched as he squinted his eyes and took his first fork full. It seemed like he chewed for hours and he said it’s good! A few hard grains and a little too much spice. I took my notes and we ate our dinner. Night #2 comes, I read my notes, begin to cook and watch it like a hawk for the 22 minutes it took to cook. He tries it (without squinting) and says it’s really good. No hard grains and the spice is a better than the previous night.

So here I am, on my thrid attempt. But remembering that Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness had chose Veggie Friendly for Blog Party #30. I thought a good rice would be fantastic for this. I decided to add some onion and a jalapeno to the rice as I browned it before adding the water. I thought it would be a fantastic taste to the rice and something a little different than the rice for the past week. The husband loved it but said it was a tad too salty. I am thinking I used a bit too much garlic salt. I liked it and it wasn’t salty at all but I’m still sick so the taste buds are a little out of commision still. Still good nonetheless.

Jalapeno Rice topped with Cilantro.

*Recipe to come*



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