I’m slow…

One of my daily reads is Ley over at Cilantro & Lime. She tagged me a few days ago and I just straight forgot. A sick husband, TOO much work, unexpected family visits and being completely pooped I didn’t get to it. But I am now! Woo!

Let’s see, I need to give you 5 random facts, but since I am a lazy bum and took so dang long I will give you 10. You’re welcome! haha! 😉

1. I got married when I was 18. I know, I know young military couple… typical. But you know what we have known eachother since the 7th grade and he is my other half. He’s my heart and I can’t live without my heart. ♥

2. For a period of time when I was young, I wanted to be a sniper. You know, on the building next to the bank that’s being robbed waiting for the “Take the shot!” to come over the walkie talkie. I’d do it in a heart beat if my vision wasn’t so dang awful now.

3. I’m lactose intolerant. With skim milk I bloat to the size of the Titanic, with cream or cheese I bloat to roughly, the size of the moon, give or take a few hundred miles. LOL But get this, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese. I can eat it all day, and I do.

4. I own a home. People say it’s a mistake. I should enjoy my youth and not worry about a mortgage. But I plan on retiring from the State, paying off my home and giving my husband a Porsche for his birthday by the time I’m 50. And I’ll do it too, just watch. 😉

5. I have 1/2 a family. To me it’s all I need, let me explain. My dad came to California when he was young and lost contact with his dad. His family never inquired about or looked for him or anything. They just kinda “let him go”. All the family I know is my moms side, my tios and tias (6) and cousins (40 + or -) are from my grama. I only have one living grandparent and you know what? She is all I flippin’ need. She is 4.5 feet of awesomeness. ♥

6. I saved my nephews life. My nephew Isaiah was riding his bike around the pool (Bad, I know), we thought he was inside. I was about to leave for work but wanted to give my “lil puppy” a kiss and hug good bye. (He would flip if I didn’t) We couldn’t find him inside, we looked out and he was trying to get to the rim of the pool to pull himself up. I ran out, jumped in and got him out. Super intense and extremely scary. I will never forget, ever. Don’t leave kids outside near a pool.

7. I’m terrified of the dark. I hyperventilate and start to cry. So please, leave the light on for me.

8. I have more online friends than friends I can physically go see. When I was in Hawaii, I didn’t know anyone but my husband and two roommates. I joined a online military wife group and was introduced to the internet. I have more friends out of the state than I do in state. I’m ok with that though, I always know there is someone online at any given time I can talk to.

9. I like to organize. I’m anal about what goes where in my pantry and fridge. There is a baking side and an everything else side in the pantry. I like to have things where I am used to. My poor husband, God bless his heart, tried to help out when we go grocery shopping at first but stopped helping because I followed him around and moved it the second he put it down. LOL

10. I’m a picky eater. No mayo, hot dogs, ketchup, shrimp, bone-in meat, Alfredo sauce, tomato, ham, bologna, lentils, spinach, canteloupe, lobster, canned tuna, tripe, liver, pea soup… it could go forever. LOL I’m also picky about how food looks and is cooked.

I don’t know who to tag because a lot of people I wanted to already have been. So, if you are looking at this and haven’t done it… YOU’RE TAGGED! LOL



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2 responses to “I’m slow…

  1. ley

    Haha- YAY! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to play along! lol.

    I can’t have milk either! It’s a bitch, isn’t it?? Hah- it’s funny that you’re a food blogger, but are so picky about food.

  2. Mari

    Just wanted to say that you’ve got a great looking blog. Love it! Found you via Tuesdays with Dorie, and I look forward to baking with you.

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